- Write a thank you note

- Donate old clothes to Goodwill

- Pick up trash 

- Donate blood

- Greet the maintenance staff

- Donate old books to a library 

- Hold the door open

- Leave an inspiring note for someone to find

- Give a genuine compliment


Pass out food to the homeless

- Drop off a cake at your local police station

- Leave baked goods in the break room for coworkers

- Make a meal for a friend or relative

- Give cookies to your local firemen

- Hand out cookies at school during exams 


- Like the arts? Volunteer to paint a mural at a local non-

- Like writing? Leave quotes or poems on people's car windows #CarWindowPoetry

- Like running or biking? Download the app "Charity Miles" to donate money with every mile you run 

- Like gardening? Plant a tree and give back to nature 

- Like singing or playing an instrument? Volunteer to perform at your local nursing home

- Like building? Construct a "Free Pantry" 


- Fight for LGBT rights - Human Rights Campaign

- Feed shelter dogs - iHeartDogs

- Fight hunger - Half United

- Donate a hat to kids with cancer - Love Your Melon 

- Raise awareness about veterans - Mission 22

- Give headbands to kids with cancer - Headbands of Hope

- Provide supplies to people in need - TOMS

- Donate soap and clean water - Hand in Hand

- Fund literacy programs and book donations - Out of Print