New Year = New Us

New Year's Resolutions

"New year, new you" ... sound familiar?

Every 365 days, people around the country vow to be a better version of themselves.

They vow to be healthier, thinner, kinder, happier, etc. Yet, in most cases, these vows or resolutions get lost when reality sets in and the holiday decor comes down. 

So ... how do we set a resolution and how can we set a resolution we know we will keep?


A promise that you make to yourself to start doing something good or stop doing something bad on the first day of the year

(Cambridge Dictionary)

Step 1: Reflection of 2016

Everyone has certain aspects of society that they are passionate about. Determine what those are and embrace them!

Ask yourself:

What about 2016 do I wish could have been different?

What do I feel like our society lacked in 2016?

Then ask:

How can I make things different?

How can I fill what I believe to be lacking?

Step 2: Plan for 2017

Time to use an often annoying class activity, aka a SWOT analysis, and evaluate the new year. Take advantage of your strengths and opportunities and assess your weaknesses and threats to determine how you can combat them. 

Here's my personal evaluation .. you can fill in the blanks!


  • Resolutions are often not kept 
  • Too busy to commit to something else
  • _________________________


  • Blank canvas
  • Newly established hopes
  • _________________________



  • Social media used to showcase negativity 
  • _________________________


  • Unify people across communities
  • Bring positive work to social media
  • _________________________

Step 3: Set your Resolution

Instead of "new year, new you," I challenge you to "new year, new US."

Resolutions are typically all about the individual and don't get me wrong, they should be. However, we must not let ourselves overlook each other. 

Prepare for another blank canvas.

Envision that canvas to be society as a whole and commit to a picture that you want to be apart of. 

This year, commit to a new US. Commit to a KINDER us. Commit to making a difference in other people's lives as well as your own. 

Remember: it all starts with one act ... or should I say one high-five