The Journey to High-Five to Kindness

What Inspired High-Five to Kindness?

Blind to our Beautiful Country

I can't speak for everyone, but personally I have never seen so much hate on the news and social media. Every time I checked my news feed, I saw protests, riots, and fighting over the election. What happened to the UNITED States? I watched in distress as people continued to fight with one another. We are supposed to be the country for dreams and freedom, not hate and fighting.

This negativity made me blind to the true beauty of our nation.

Despite what happens in the news, there are people who fight everyday to make the world a better place. Let's rise above the chaos and join these compassionate and selfless people. 

Personal Reflection

This time of division forced me to reflect on myself and the world I no longer believed in. I realized that if I want to see change, I had to BE the change.

I thought about the people who are suffering. I thought about the homeless, the hungry, the lost, the broken, the sick, the unloved. We have become so absorbed in our own opinions and debates that we have forgotten about what's important - helping those that are in need of love. 

I started to brainstorm ways that I could give back to the community. I longed for people to unite by spreading love and kindness. This is when I founded "High-Five to Kindness." 


Why a high-five?

The Symbolism

A high five is an act to celebrate something that someone said or did. It brings two people together and for a brief moment, those people are unified by the palms of their hands. 

When you raise your hand to the camera and show the message on your palm, you raise your hand to surrender yourself to something bigger. Everyone’s posts serve as a visual symbol of unity, power, and vulnerability.

We must celebrate the message of kindness!


What's the Goal?  

My Mission

My aspiration is to encourage people across America to get up and give back.

I want every community to be filled with love! I want everyone's newsfeeds to be filled with positivity instead of hate. I want to create a ripple effect where people everywhere are spreading kindness in their communities.

My mission is be the change I wish to see, but I cannot do it alone. I need YOUR help. Please reflect upon what you wish was different in your community. Determine what you can do to make your community better.

Think of what kindness means to you. Then, do some act of kindness and join this challenge! Post a photo of what you did. High five to the camera, with your act written on your hand. Challenge friends or family by tagging them in your post. 

It's On Us

It's on each of us to be the change.

Complete the challenge and help me spread kindness - one high five at a time!